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Application of polyaluminium chloride in water treatment in coal mine
- Nov 25, 2016 -

Water treatment pharmacy aggregate chloride aluminum of application range very of widely, dyeing wastewater, plating wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, synthesis leather wastewater, leather wastewater, paper wastewater, coal chemical wastewater, food wastewater, yeast industrial wastewater, steel wastewater, chemical fiber wastewater, fertilizer wastewater, alcohol wastewater, production wastewater, except in above field of wastewater processing yiwai, certainly also has drinking water of processing, aggregate chloride aluminum in water processing process in the up to has is important of role, Now in coal mine water treatment with polyaluminum chloride used in the process to explore:

Coal mine wastewater include: water seepage in coal mining underground geological Chung to roadway safety and emission of natural groundwater, underground coal mining production process, water, dust, fire filling, fire and dust-containing wastewater of hydraulic equipment. Therefore, it has both the characteristics of groundwater, but by man-made pollution. Depends on coal mine wastewater characteristics of geological environment and the chemical composition of minerals in the lower coal measures, including mine hydrogeological condition and water filling factors of mining process that mine waste water quality and quantity have a decisive impact. Therefore, on mine wastewater treatment taking into account changes in water quality and quantity in the process of mining, coal mine water treatment for production or water, mine production is mainly underground mining equipment hydraulic water, fire dust with water, living water is flushing, bathing, as well as the depth of the water used for drinking water after treatment.

Underground water treatment processes are as follows:

Water----------water settling tank coagulation reaction (addition of polymeric aluminum chloride)----------------------filter pool disinfection of inclined-tube sedimentation tank use

Mine water by well Xia row pump upgrade to storage pool for preliminary precipitation, Hou by upgrade pump upgrade into mixed gel precipitation, while joined aggregate chloride aluminum, after oblique tube precipitation Hou, will Floc real precipitation to bottom and was removal, water from upper spill flow water artesian into filter pool, water artesian into water pool, clear pool Qian voted added II oxidation chlorine for sterilization disinfection. Treated water can be used in the production process, can also be used to drink, thus reducing the pollution to the environment, while saving water resources, achieve the goal of recycling economy.