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Basic aluminum chloride standard quality
- Nov 25, 2016 -

Any kind of basic aluminium chloride technical quality standards consistent with national GB15892-2009 standard. Basic aluminium chloride for inorganic polymers, is the use of aluminium ash and activated alumina as a raw material through refining and processing aggregations, and high activity for this product for industrial wastewater, making water, printing and dyeing water has a better purifying effect.

Basic polymeric aluminum ferric chloride usage and attention:

1, solid base should be adding water dissolves after adding aluminum chloride, dilution ratio generally: 2%--20% (% by weight);

2, basic aluminum chloride dosage generally: 15 g/ton of solid products, specific dosage of effective test to determine the amount of the user;

3, basic aluminum chloride allowed to mix other chemicals present;

4, basic aluminum chloride stored for a period of two years, should be placed in a dry and airy place, humidity do not affect the results.