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How to improve removal of chroma of the electroplating waste water by flocculation
- Nov 25, 2016 -

Any kind of equipment, can help the user, what about this, what can we do better? there check back with us, details about this. PAFC to set 10-35ML/L 250mL containing chromium and nickel electroplating wastewater beaker, stir and static screen, take landfill leachate analyses results showed that treatment effect is good, this is a good treatment agent, can be used in actual wastewater treatment

Poly aluminum chloride iron conclusion

(1) both traditional coagulant polymeric aluminum chloride PAC,PFC advantage of flocs formed large and heavy, faster settlement, its color than polymeric ferric iron, turbidity removal and the Floc settling is better than PAC.

(2) can significantly improve the removal of polymeric aluminum chloride electroplating waste water by flocculation effect of chroma, the removal rate of increase CR6+, and small amount of applicable range of PH values and more light.

(3) the amount of control in 10-35ml/l and to avoid secondary pollution.