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Poly aluminum chloride is widely used in various types of water treatment
- Nov 25, 2016 -

Method of use:

1, activated charcoal during transport to prevent mixing with hard substances, do not step on, step, in case the carbon particle crushing, impact quality.

2, storage should be stored in the porous adsorbent, transport storage and use in the process, must absolutely prevent the flooding, due to flooding after, large amounts of water full of activity space, making it ineffective.

3, in the prevention of tar substances, tar substances should be prohibited to the activated carbon bed to prevent blockage of activated carbon gap, out of its adsorption. Best gas Coke equipment.

4, fire activated carbon in storing or transportation to prevent direct contact with the fire in case of fire, completely avoid oxygen regeneration and regeneration of activated carbon regeneration must be used after cooling down to 80 deg, or high temperature, oxygen, activated carbon combustion.