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Polymeric aluminum ferric chloride in the treatment of industrial wastewater
- Nov 25, 2016 -

Aggregate chloride aluminum iron this chemical material, has a is I effect of role, is can do exhaust processing of, so on this things, we should do how of things processing does? through above of points introduced Oh! such only can convenient user do following several aspects of detailed spirit material, so we should do following several aspects of does? Xia up see's aggregate chloride aluminum iron in work processing wastewater not of role.

Industrial water use impacts on water resources are what? is a poverty stressed, because according to international standards, water supply in 1000 tonnes per person per year is short of water.

At present, China's water shortage in billions of cubic metres or more. Per capita water resources in many areas, with world famous water country Israel are similar. As was the case in the loess plateau. China was listed as one of the water-poor countries in the world. Especially in the North and West of the water shortage is particularly serious. Southeast China due to the lack of water due to contamination of ground water resources water quality situation is also very serious.

In 670, cities across the country, 400 city varying degrees of lack of water. 110 cities a serious water shortage. According to the latest data confirmed that in Beijing at present, per capita possession of water resources is less than 300 cubic meters. Faced with such a grim situation of water shortages, industrial water consumption is so much waste. Mainly industrial water reuse.

Characteristically only industrial water reuse. Only one-third of the developed countries. 1 ton steel production, China's water consumption is 1-6 times more than the international advanced level, water consumption, China produces 1 ton of paper is 3 times more than the international advanced level. There are also other industrial waste of water resources. Water conservation has become a top priority for our country, water shortages will restrict the sustainable economic development of the century, and will cause environmental degradation, Habitat deterioration of the environment, water the contradiction in social and environmental issues.