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Teach you how to distinguish between true and false mineral water
- Nov 25, 2016 -

Now more and more people, whether shopping or eating meals in the afternoon, there may be the work of a group, like to buy bottles of mineral water to drink, especially in summer, then, has it ever occurred to you, you are drinking mineral water is not pure water? Today, I'll bring us together, what is the real purified water.

If you want to know whether the water is safe to drink, we can verify from the following aspects is we can be assured of a mineral water.

1. depends on its appearance, appearance ever wear, leaking bottle, the bottle or something like that..

2. taste of mineral water, mineral water under any slightly sweet odor and taste with this type of mineral water. Such as carbonated mineral water is slightly bitter if cold water, taste less than mineral water if tap water will smell of chlorine bleach or case of groundwater, there will be unpleasant odors.

3. the heat capacity, mineral water of heat absorption and heat release rate is slower than tap water, mineral water in the summer, seeping drops of condensation on the surface of the bottle.

4. see factory tag, the regular mineral water, mineral water bottles are marked on name, country of origin, name, shelf life, etc.. In addition, mineral water shelf life is one year, not production date or shelf life of more than one year, nor even really mineral water for drinking.