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Types of activated carbon and materials
- Nov 25, 2016 -

Activated carbon 90%, have developed micro-holes, large specific surface area (50.012 million m "/8), strong adsorption capacity is a good absorbent. Its physical and chemical properties of stable, insoluble in water and organic solvents, saddle base subjected to moisture, heat and pressure. Easy regeneration after failure, and it is widely used in confectionery, pharmaceutical, flavor releases industrial, chemical fiber and chemical industrial Catalysis and the catalyst, used in water treatment, air purification, solvent recovery, on environmental protection. Used in gas mask, against atomic radiation on the defense industry, as well as agriculture and other industries.

1. the types of activated carbon

Activated carbon than 2.0013 million varieties such as:

(1) by activated carbon materials: wood charcoal, coal carbon petroleum asphalt and other carbon (pulp waste, synthetic resins, organic waste, bones, blood, and the).

(2) divided by the manufacturing method of activated carbon: carbon gas activation method (Physics of carbon); carbon chemical activation (chemistry of carbon); mixed activation of carbon (gases, carbon chemical activation method).

(3) the appearance and shape of activated carbon are: powdered charcoal (powder of carbon or carbon); the amount of old carbon (setting granular carbon and amorphous carbon particles that break activated carbon) and activated carbon fiber (fiber or fabric-like).

(4) divided by the use of activated carbon: activated charcoal carbon, monosodium glutamate, Air Purifier carbon, carbon, catalyst support activated carbon in water treatment, etc.

General use-oriented classification set out specifications of indicators according to national standard method for determination.