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Why does activated carbon purification effect
- Nov 25, 2016 -

We know that the activated carbon is very widely used, not only can be used for water, filter cigarettes and cars, can also be used for raw sugar leg color, removal of odor from wastewater, filter impurities in the liquid and steam. Activated carbon filter with its weight of organic pollutants. Application of activated carbon to purify drinking water in many countries over the years.

Why has this unique ability of activated carbon? The inside of activated carbon with numerous capillary cavities, like a giant beehive. When held a granular activated carbon, its internal surface area equivalent to ten as big as a football field.

Activated carbon purification principle is quite simple, when the body or when the liquid through a filter with activated carbon, and capillary cavities NET granular activated carbon adsorption of organic substances. After saturation, it is heated and impurities out of the hole, activated carbon particles within the unimpeded, recovery value.

Activated carbon is bituminous coal. Wood, brown coal and other raw materials. The porous structure of activated carbon is produced during the heating process. More volatile molecules in the process of roasting of raw materials from the material inside out, forming a lot of holes in their wake.