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Application Of Polyacrylamide In Paper Industry
- Nov 25, 2016 -

Application in papermaking industry mainly in the following areas:

1. used as a retention aid can have the following effects:

Improved fine fiber and filler retention rate, which is reflected in the improvement of ash and quantitative increase.

Reduce machine water concentration, speed up the settling velocity of water, improve the efficiency of white water recovery equipment.

Yang water properties of improved paper, watermark location moves from the Internet, increases the speed of dehydration, which increased his speed and leave the Web pages of dry, steam savings.

With the increasing amount of anionic polyacrylamide, paper strength had little effect, but paper uniformity becomes worse.

2. as an enhancer, Pam as a water-soluble polymer, in recent years, as a reinforcing agent of paper industry attention, which can be used for dry-strengthening agent, but also as wet strength agent. As for dry-strengthening agent, suitable for food packaging paper, bleached Board and tissue paper, toilet paper, linerboard; as wet strength agents used actual drawings, banknote paper, photographic paper, advertising posters and advanced the wrapping paper, etc.

3. as dispersing agents, dispersants are used in pulp and paper industry to decelerate less fiber flocculation improved paper stock molding commonly used additives, also known as "anti-flocculant agent" or "suspension", handmade paper and mechanical paper must use fiber dispersing agent to make good paper tissues. Practice shows that the molecular weight of APAM dispersants should not be less than 7 million, and General heating and high shear stress does not affect, can also be recycled several times, would be beneficial to increase fiber and reduce cost.

4. used as a flocculant, in paper-making wastewater treatment Pam can be used as a flocculant to help accelerate sedimentation and removal of mud.