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Basic Aluminum Chloride
- Nov 25, 2016 -

Basic aluminum chloride (BAC) is the valence polyelectrolytes in an inorganic polymer coagulant, as sitting somewhere between aluminium chloride and aluminum hydroxide hydrolysis of an intermediate product between, is black. Its chemical formula is [Al2 (OH) nCI6-n].

Basic aluminum chloride as a novel coagulant has the following advantages: basic aluminum chloride in treatment of paper-making, printing and dyeing wastewater with unique performance. Floc forming, high sedimentation rate, reaction thus settling time can be shortened, and under the appropriate conditions to improve production capacity of 1.5-3 times. Its development applications ranging from water purification to waste water treatment as well as others, such as casting, light industry, medicine, mechanical aspects, production materials and process development to varied. Dosage, such as alkali aluminum chloride coagulant water hardness less than when various inorganic coagulant to deal with lower water has a PH value less. Water treatment, particularly in the treatment of high concentration water may not or less alkaline agent and coagulant and its decoloring capacity superior to other inorganic coagulants.

Usage: should add water to dissolve solid product dosing, dilution ratio generally: 2%--20% (% by weight), pharmaceutical dosing weight is: solid product 10---15 grams/ton; specific dosage of effective test to determine the amount of the user.

Packaging, storage and precautions: this product with double sealing packaging, inner layer made of nontoxic polyethylene plastic bag, outer plastic woven bag, each bag of net weights 25kg, stored for a period of two years. This product is hygroscopic moisture, humidity did not affect results. Recommended that you save in the dry, moisture-proof, ventilated and away from heat. This product may be mixed with toxic and harmful substances transported a total dump.