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Calcium Chloride 94% Anhydrous White Powder
- Apr 25, 2017 -
Basic Info
  • Type: Calcium Chloride

  • Export: Korea/Iran/Bahrain/Saudi Arabia

  • Origin: China

Product Description
Calcium chloride industrial grade and food grade
Molecular formula: CaCl2. NH2O

Appearance: White flake, powder, granule or pellet/prill

Purpose: Calcium chloride features dissolution, heat releasing, low freezing point
In water, strong dampness absorbing nature, poor corrosive nature to metals and
Quickening the freezing of organic macromolecule. It is widely applied in such
Fields as:
1)Snowmelt and ice removing of road, expressway, parking lot, aerodrome and port;
2)Petroleum drilling, working fluid of drill well, completion fluid, dehydration
Agent in petrochemical;
3)Avoid or remove dust, coal dust and ore dust;
4)Solution of calcium chloride acting as flocculants in algae sodium adding industry
And bean product industry, acting as cold carrier in freezing and cold beverage
Industry. Besides, it is applied to sewage treatment.
5)Apply to prevent and cure decay of wheat, apple and Chinese cabbage, food
Antiseptic and vegetable dry freshness perverting;
6)Act as antifreeze of concrete to speed up the freezing time of cement;
7)Calcium manufacturing of melting electrolytic method and raw material of other
Valuable metals.

Item Analysis: Technical Index 1, Technical Index 2, Technical Index 3
Calcium chloride (CaCl2)%: 68.0-70.0, 74.0-77.0, 90.0-95.0
Magnesium & alkali metal chloride (calculate according to sodium chloride)%: 4, 5, 5.5
Insoluble in water %: 0.05, 0.05, 0.05
Alkali degree (as Ca(OH)2)%: 0.2, 0.2, 0.2
Sulfate (as CaSO4 )%: 0.1, 0.1, 0.1
pH value: 8-10, 8-10, 8-10

Calcium Chloride 94% Anhydrous White Powder