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Cationic Polyacrylamide
- Nov 25, 2016 -

Product description: the product is made of cationic monomer (DM, DMC, CPF, DMDAAC, DMAEMA etc) and copolymer of acrylamide, granulation, drying and crushing into small white granules or powder. Cationic polyacrylamide (CPAM) is a linear polymer, because it has many lively groups, affinity with many substances, adsorption to form hydrogen bonds. Mainly flocculation negatively charged colloid, with features such as turbidity removal, bleaching, adsorption, binding, for dyeing, paper, food, construction, metallurgy, mineral processing, coal, oil, aquatic products processing and fermentation industry wastewater with high content of, especially suitable for urban sewage and sewage sludge, paper sludge and industrial sludge dewatering process.

Sludge dewatering: according to the sludge can be operated by the corresponding type of the product. Can be effective in gravity sludge dewatering the sludge prior to entering the filter. When dewatering, flocculation, nonstick cloth, dispersed in case of filter, low consumption, high efficiency, low water content of cake.

Sewage and organic waste water disposal: this product is acid or alkaline media are positive electricity, suspended in the wastewater sewage flocculation and sedimentation of particles with a negative charge, and is extremely effective in clarifying. Alcohol wastewater, brewery wastewater wastewater of monosodium glutamate, sugar plant effluent, wastewater from meat products factory, beverage wastewater, textile printing and dyeing waste water plant. Than cationic polyacrylamide with anionic polyacrylamide, nonionic polyacrylamide effect of inorganic salts or several or dozens of times times higher, because generally such waste water with a negative charge.

Water treatment plant water treatment flocculant: the product has a low consumption, effective, low cost, in particular and complex inorganic flocculant used better.

Oilfield chemicals: such as clay antiswelling agent, thickening agent used in oilfield acidic, and so on.

Paper chemicals: use as a dry strength agent, retention aid and drainage aid, can greatly improve paper quality, save costs and improve the production capacity of paper mill. Directly with the inorganic ions, fibers and other organic macromolecular electrostatic bridges to increase the physical strength of the paper, reducing loss of fibers or filling, speed up water, enhancement, retention and infiltration, can also be used for water treatment, at the same time, apparent in the deinking process flocculation.

Meanwhile this product is a high performance dispersing agent

Packaging, storage and transportation, and notes: 25Kg woven bag lined with plastic or paper-plastic composite bag, can also be customized according to user requirements. When storage, pay attention to the heat-and moisture-proof, to avoid damage, dry powder products have been exposed will absorb moisture caking. Stacking layers of 20 storeys. Stored for a period of 2 years.