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Development Of High Molecular Weight And High Molecular Weight Polyacrylamide And Application
- Nov 25, 2016 -

And sewage treatment

1, project profile

Polyacrylamide and its copolymer flocculant is important, widely used in municipal sewage and industrial wastewater treatment. Water resources in China is a very poor area, plus the country's serious water pollution and protecting water resources, pollution control and governance is an important part of environmental protection. Have been made within the next few years to make characteristically urban wastewater treatment rate of industrial sewage treatment rate reached 84%, a penetration rate of 70% of water pollution control of urban sewage facilities planning goals. Technology updates in water treatment technology in China is relatively slow. At present, the flocculant is still dominated by inorganic flocculants. By polyacrylamide for flocculating agents, investment is one of the 100 points of inorganic flocculant, but the effect is of inorganic flocculating agent several times to dozens of times, thus the application of polyacrylamide in the wastewater treatment is of particularly important significance.

2, market prospects

Pay attention to environmental protection has become a basic State policy of China. For countries with a very poor in water resources, protect water sources and water pollution is even more important to effective governance. "Polyacrylamide with high molecular weight" application development and security in line with the national policy of environmental protection industry will be supported by relevant policies.

3, technical features

Production technology of high molecular weight polyacrylamide emulsion products are simple, fast, easy operation, safety, high efficiency. One of the most important is the quantity of high molecular weight cationic polyacrylamide, high stability, flocculation, desliming and high efficiency. In performance of the project's products and domestic products more visible on the table below.

Second, paper

Polyacrylamide is an important additive for paper industry. In the paper making process, polyacrylamide can improve filler, pigments, such as the retention rate to reduce raw material wastage and pollution of the environment. In addition, to improve wet strength of paper and dry strength. China is a paper-making powers, along with the development of the paper industry, acrylamide consumption will also increase. But because of the domestic production of high molecular weight polyacrylamide technology is backward. 

Third, oil

High molecular weight polyacrylamide is not only a highly effective flocculant and paper additives, is also an extremely good thickener. Due to the high viscosity of polyacrylamide solution and additive in oil can be used for many purposes, such as drilling fluids, fracturing fluids and polymer flooding to improve oil recovery. 

High molecular weight polyacrylamide in addition to sewage treatment, paper making, oil industry, can also be used in mineral processing, fermentation, building material, textile, printing and dyeing, gold, soil improvement. Water-absorbent resin, electroplating industry and other industries. Also has great economic and social benefits.