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Magnesium Sulfate With High Permeability, Swelling And Pain Relief
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Magnesium sulfate is widely used for tanning, explosives, paper, porcelain, fertilizers, and medical oral laxatives. Magnesium sulfate in livestock and poultry feed, it can be used as feed processing magnesium supplements. Because magnesium is an indispensable factor in the process of bone formation and muscle contraction in livestock and poultry, it is an activator of various enzymes in livestock and poultry, which plays an important role in physical metabolism and neurological function. If the animal body magnesium deficiency, will lead to material metabolism and neurological dysfunction, supply disorders, affect the growth and development of livestock and poultry, and even lead to death.

Magnesium sulfate is a "cheap" drugs, orally, intravenous, external use have different effects.

First, the oral magnesium sulfate solution, the effect is different

1. Cathartic effect

Internal due to not absorbed, in the intestinal formation of a certain osmotic pressure, so that the intestinal retention of a large amount of water, stimulate bowel peristalsis and defecation.

Each time will $number magnesium sulfate dissolved in $number ml warm water, early morning oral. The concentration is not easy to be too high, 5% is good, otherwise the platoon will delay.

2. The role of gallbladder

Oral high concentration (33%) magnesium sulfate solution, or catheter directly into the duodenum, can stimulate the duodenal mucosa, reflex caused by the total bile duct sphincter relaxation, gallbladder contraction, thereby promoting gallbladder emptying, beneficial to the effectiveness of the gallbladder. Each 2~5g, 1 days 3 times, before meals or between two meals. can also take 33% solution, each 10ml.

It is necessary to note that: in the case of a large amount of concentration of water in the solution, can be absorbed from the tissue of a large amount of moisture and lead to dehydration. Therefore, it is advisable to take it on an empty stomach early morning and drink plenty of water to accelerate the cathartic effect and prevent dehydration. For intestinal bleeding, pregnant women, acute abdomen patients, and menstrual women to disable the product guide diarrhea.

Second, magnesium sulfate injection can be used as anticonvulsant drugs

Often used in pregnancy, hypertension, lower blood pressure, treatment of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia, also used to treat preterm labor.

1. Treatment of moderate to severe pregnancy-induced hypertension, pre-eclampsia and eclampsia. The first dose was 2.5~4g, 25% glucose injection 20ml diluted, 5 minutes slow intravenous injection, after 1~2g intravenous drip per hour to maintain. The 24-hour total is 30g, according to the knee tendon reflex, the respiration frequency and the urine quantity monitoring.

2. Treatment of preterm labour. Similar to the dosage and method of treatment of pregnancy-induced hypertension, the first load is 4g, 25% glucose injection 20ml diluted after 5 minutes of slow intravenous injection, after the use of 25% magnesium sulfate injections 60ml, plus 5% glucose injection 1000ml in the intravenous drip, the speed of the hourly 2g, Until 2 hours after the contraction, the oral adrenal receptor agonist is maintained.

Third, magnesium sulfate external use: swelling and anti-inflammatory

Because magnesium sulfate has a high permeability, swelling, analgesic pharmacological action, it should be used in clinical, more satisfactory results.

Using gauze or absorbent cotton into 50% of the magnesium sulfate solution full infiltration, can be hot or cold compress, need to determine the symptoms of the affected, if the phlebitis is more cold compress, if the affected the induration is not red or at low temperature, more choice hot compress. Generally based on the affected condition, once a day to many times wet, a wet compress for 30 minutes.

Magnesium sulfate 6 Major precautions

1, when the guide to diarrhea, such as taking a large number of high concentrations of solution, may be absorbed in the tissue from a large amount of water and lead to dehydration. The gastrointestinal tract has the ulcer, the breakage place, easily causes the magnesium ion massive absorption to cause the intoxication. Intestinal bleeding patients, acute abdomen patients and pregnant women, menstrual woman to disable the Product guide diarrhea.

2, intravenous magnesium sulfate often caused by flushing, sweating, mouth-drying symptoms, rapid intravenous injection can cause nausea, vomiting, flustered, dizziness, individual nystagmus, slowing the injection rate symptoms can disappear.

3, with myocardial damage, respiratory disorders, severe renal insufficiency, cardiac conduction block should be used sparingly or not.

4, renal insufficiency, injecting dosage should be reduced, no urine should be banned, because it can lead to cumulative poisoning of magnesium ions.

5, static drip when there is a certain risk, must be slow, and ready to 10% calcium gluconate injection, in order to rescue. In case of poisoning should be immediately slow intravenous infusion of calcium chloride or glucosamine gluconate emergency rescue. Dialysis therapy can quickly remove magnesium ions in the body.

6, each time before and during the use of drugs, the knee tendon reflex examination, determine the number of breaths. Observe the symptoms of magnesium poisoning in time.