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PAM Will Expire?
- Nov 25, 2016 -

PAM will expire?

Poorly controlled in the laboratory or field conditions when dealing with polymers, solution stability issue is more complex. As solution a few weeks or months may be exposed to high temperatures, the viscosity loss. Field application of EOR is the case. In particular high molecular weight polymers, its molecular weight and viscosity at high shear stress, such as high speed agitation and under function of ultrasonic wave decreases.

As well as other water-soluble polymer, stability of polyacrylamide solution in furnishing a few days or a few weeks, its viscosity and smaller. Have put forward many reasons to explain viscosity loss has nothing to do with the original chain, which seems to be the most reasonable explanation is that the viscosity is caused by chain conformational changes caused by hydrodynamic volume becomes smaller. Dissolved polymers containing new Nugget, nugget structure is constituted by the intramolecular hydrogen bond bondage ring structure and rigid chain of helical structure, is stable. However, due to the role of entropy, hydrogen bond dissociation and slow to form, cause molecules to become compliant, coil small, hydrodynamic volume and viscosity is smaller. This will reduce the efficiency of it. At the time of manufacture and storage and carefully controlled conditions, and at 50 c or lower temperatures placed homopolymer, no significant loss in molecular weight, viscosity drop is not obvious. Microbes consume the stability of polyacrylamide in aqueous solution of PAM lacking sufficient evidence. But microorganisms often grow in solution, especially when the solution is polluted, from the transparent turbidity or precipitation. Molecular weight exceeding 1.5 x 106, at 75 ℃ or higher display temperature, viscosity and molecular weight loss will occur simultaneously.

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