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Polyacrylamide Solution Agglomeration Cause And Solution
- Nov 25, 2016 -

Many sewage processing factory of dissolved pot within wall Shang, and tank end of are residues has a layer thin of similar rubber-like residues real and some big of flocculation mission, these residues real anyway mixing, and mixing more long time are hard again will its dissolved, if not get properly processing, often will caused some not necessary of small trouble, and these residues real in cleanup Shi also wants to Dang of trouble, some larger of flocculation gel mission also can with hooks like of will its out, most fear of is some small of flocculation mission into into drug pipeline jam added drug pump.

Polypropylene n amine is organic polymer flocculation gel agent, molecular volume are compared big, General are in million, and tens of, dissolved of when will first dissolved expansion, then slowly dissolved, if used artificial added drug of way, one-time to water in voted added of polypropylene n amine volume big, and and cannot uniform of slow of joined words, polypropylene n amine first contact water of part, on began dissolved expansion, then surface area variable big, then package live has not contact to water of part (can put fishing out of flocculation mission stripping open see, middle are is dry of, not dip water), Form insoluble polyacrylamide. At present most of the sewage treatment plant is used for manual dosing (if you use the automatic document feeder dosing, not only labor-saving and maximum efforts to avoid such a situation). Recommended dosing water before mixing it up, and then rushed out of the intake of the water column above slow uniform dosing, agents swept into the water, thus reducing the probability of the cluster and vote in extra time as possible to avoid chemicals and dissolving tank wall contact.

Recommendations: conditions permitting, as much as possible with automatic continuous feed system, improve work efficiency at the same time can well avoid a medicated Pellet. Currently on the market Pam varies, some defects of the product itself, more bad products are hydrophilic, insoluble, poor solubility, easier dosing than Pellet.