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Polyaluminium Chloride Can Bring The Highest Cost With The Lowest Cost
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Polyaluminium Chloride, referred to as PAC, also known as basic aluminum chloride, polyhydroxyaluminum, etc., is a water-soluble inorganic high between aluminum chloride and aluminum hydroxide. The molecular polymer is usually represented by the general formula Aln (OH) mCl3n-m, where n represents the degree of polymerization, depending on the various factors in the preparation process, m represents the degree of neutralization of a polyaluminum chloride product, That is, how much hydrogen ions are substituted for chloride ions. It can be seen that the poly aluminum chloride is not represented by a particular inorganic compound, but rather a series of inorganic polymers.

Polyaluminium chloride is a preformed hydrolyzate, which is the intermediate product of the hydrolysis-polymerization-precipitation process of aluminum salts under certain controlled conditions, either as an efficient water treatment agent or as a wet end of the paper. Of the precipitation agent, have replaced the traditional aluminum salt (such as aluminum sulfate) trend. Since the sixties, poly aluminum chloride as a new type of high-performance flocculant, in the water treatment is gradually developed into a coagulation process of the main agents, it is the most mature industrial production technology, the highest efficiency, the most widely used varieties The

As a manufacturer of poly aluminum chloride, in the process of sales, customers will encounter a lot of practical problems, for example, some of the use of aluminum chloride units in the understanding of the company's Web site, see the poly aluminum chloride, Ask the two in the end what is the difference. Just look at the name of the words really some similar, but whether in use or common sense, there are essentially different, mainly in the following areas:

1, first from the appearance, the appearance of different colors. Polyaluminium chloride is the main powder yellowish and golden yellow, but the poly aluminum chloride is a bitter yellowish, because the content of iron inside the relative amount of aluminum chloride is higher.

2, followed by the processing of polymer products in the raw materials on the point of view, polymerization of aluminum chloride, especially for drinking water, poly aluminum chloride products are required to use aluminum hydroxide powder for production, but the need for poly aluminum chloride Calcium aluminate powder as a raw material for processing.

3, from the two different types of water resources, poly aluminum chloride in the purification of drinking water is the most outstanding effect, the effect is also relatively good after treatment, the water quality is relatively soft, there will be no hard But the polymerization of aluminum chloride in the steel mills, paper mills, sewage plants and other waste water purification time is very short, the effect is good, after the treatment of water quality is still relatively clear, easier to meet the discharge standards.produced poly aluminum chloride, especially for low temperature, low turbidity, high algae water quality better.

Although the polymerization of aluminum chloride in the aluminum and poly aluminum chloride are more different, but the poly aluminum chloride is also more advantages, such as the hydrolysis speed is very fast, and not affected by the temperature can be very good Of the production, as long as the use of less material can have a better treatment effect, better than the effect of other coagulants much better.

Functionally speaking, Erfok produced poly aluminum chloride and poly aluminum chloride products in the drinking water and industrial water treatment are widely used. In the case of our long-standing customer case, we recommend the most suitable products for our customers with different characteristics, which can bring the highest performance with the lowest cost.