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Polyaluminium Chloride Easy To Use And Operate
- Oct 10, 2017 -

With the increasing development of agriculture, the problem of agricultural wastewater is becoming more and more serious. Agricultural wastewater includes waste water and liquid wastes from crop cultivation, livestock rearing, food processing and other processes. In agricultural production, the extensive application of pesticides and fertilizers has also caused serious pollution to water environment and soil environment. So what are the benefits of polyaluminum chloride treating agricultural wastewater?

Because the agricultural industry is more, and these industries will produce a lot of waste water, it also caused a wide range of agricultural wastewater sources of abuse. The amount of waste water produced by agricultural industry mainly includes farmland cultivation, breeding field and agricultural products processing, which mostly contain high concentration organic pollutants, poor biochemical properties and even some agricultural sewage. Because these pollution factors will cause great harm to the environment, it is of great significance for our country's agricultural development and environmental protection to carry out the research effective treatment plan. In recent years, in view of the characteristics of high phosphorus and high ammonia nitrogen in agricultural wastewater, it has been found that the organic pollutants in agricultural wastewater can be degraded by micro-electrolysis process and the water quality will be discolored by physicochemical method. Moreover, the high efficient polymerization flocculant such as polyaluminum chloride can also be used to treat heavy metals in wastewater, suspended solids, micro-particles adsorption-flocculation precipitation, but also to adjust the ph value, so that can significantly reduce cod and chroma, but also improve the biodegradability of sewage, ammonia nitrogen removal can also achieve the desired effect.

Today, poly chlorinated aluminum and other high polymers are also widely used in industrial and domestic sewage treatment, and because these water purification agent cost-effective, easy to operate, for the use of equipment pipeline will not cause erosion, so now these water purification agent has become the industry water treatment process commonly used in the mainstream products.

Water grade Polyaluminum chloride is a new type of inorganic macromolecule water purifying agent, which is mainly based on plate-frame pressure filter type or spray drying type, poly chlorinated aluminum, the appearance is yellow, and the effect of polyaluminum chloride in sewage treatment, light yellow or golden. Aluminium content in general in more than 29%, the pharmaceutical high quality, low price, is a new, efficient and stable water purification agent, widely used a variety of water treatment plants, drinking water cycle treatment and so on.