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Polyaluminium Chloride 28% for Industry Sewage
- Feb 10, 2018 -

Polyaluminium Chloride 28% for Industry Sewage  Basic Info.

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Poly aluminium chloride is made of high purity raw materials. And it is high-efficient, cheap and nontoxic inorganic high molecular compound. It is easily soluble in water and has high purity.used as purification for all types of water treatment,drinking water,industrial waste water,urban waste water and in the paper industry.The product especially used for industry  sewage.

Our advantage:
1.Our local rich bauxite and aluminum industry is relatively developed in GONGYI,this provides us rich raw materials with best price and good quality.
2.We have the advanced equipment,such as Plate and frame filter production is far larger than the old drum filter,to keep our daily capacity up to 100mt.
3.we also have advanced Organic heat transfer material heaters and Sorted stock bin,it can effective reduce the impurity and Improve the purity..
Our Service:(give your help for your any need)
I always plant adhering to the "everything for the customer's requirements, we seek high quality, build quality, growth in earnings in." Business philosophy, the sense to do pre-service work for the customer, providing customers with satisfactory service . Our service network to reach each of our sales of local products, as long as customers have asked us what the staff will give the customer within 24 hours to a satisfactory answer!
Q: Why choose us?
A: We have a stable supply, product content enough, good product performance, fast and accurate delivery time, packaging firm.
Q: Why are your prices low?
A: We are the manufacturer of the production-oriented enterprises in retail mode is generally not a hundred percent of our ex-factory price is generally played at least one ton batch, if a customer orders online under direct orders do not need to contact us.
Q: The price on the website you can refer to it as the price?
A: Our raw material prices rise or fall, or publish a lot of information on our website so hard to update the site every day price as the reference price fluctuations ± 5% with the intention of customers can feel free to contact us.