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Powder Of Polyacrylamide
- Nov 25, 2016 -

A, operating instructions

1, powdery polyacrylamide is not used directly, you must clean water (tap water) dissolves evenly after dosing according to a certain proportion.

2, the proposed concentration control of polyacrylamide solution in 0.1%-0.3%, generally used when secondary dilution.

3, Pam slowly dissolved even joined with a stirring of the water phase, stirring rate should not be strong (mixing speed to 100-300rpm is appropriate) so as to avoid Pam shear force decreases, feeding too fast and easy cluster to form a "fish-eye".

4, the water temperature should not exceed 60 degrees, at room temperature.

5, polyacrylamide solution storage is configured, not more than 1 day of cationic PAM, anion PAM should not be more than 2 days, so as to avoid degradation.

6, the dissolved fluid do not touch iron, iron is the catalyst the polyacrylamide decomposition.

7, when pump is recommended with a diaphragm or a vacuum or low pressure centrifugal pump (due to degradation of polyacrylamide with high speed rotation pump easy to make).

Second, storing, transporting and points for attention

Polyacrylamide is not toxic in itself. Only when intake is greater than 5 per thousand for gastrointestinal mucosal absorption of nutrition are viscous resistance and harmful. Pam residual acrylamide monomer in toxic, food used to be strictly controlled. Polyacrylamide powder attention to storage, transport, should pay special attention to moisture.

Third, packaging specifications

25kg lined with plastic bag, outer bag packaging, can also be customized according to user requirements.