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Sodium Percarbonate Non-toxic Odorless, Non-polluting
- Nov 02, 2017 -

The appearance of sodium percarbonate is white crystalline or crystalline powder. The tide can be released. Is a strong oxidizing agent. Sodium percarbonate is an addition compound of hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate. It is mainly used as bleach and oxidant, as well as detergents, cleaning agents and fungicides for chemical, papermaking, textile, dyeing and finishing, food, medicine and sanitation The Other uses and sodium perborate, can replace sodium perborate to save boron salt.

Sodium percarbonate, also known as sodium percarbonate, solid hydrogen peroxide, sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide addition complex, sodium percarbonate is non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, etc., sodium carbonate also has bleaching, Sterilization, washing, water-soluble and so on.

Sodium bicarbonate, chemical formula: 2Na2CO3 · 3H2O2 (or Na2CO4), also known as sodium peroxydicarbonate, commonly known as solid hydrogen peroxide, is an inorganic salt, was white granular powder, the aqueous solution was alkaline, can be decomposed into sodium carbonate and Hydrogen oxide.

Sodium percarbonate is commonly used as a detergent for aerosol bleach and aerobic bleach, and can effectively increase dissolved oxygen in fish pond management. For commercial use, it is usually wrapped with sulphates and silicates. Coated sodium percarbonate to improve the stability requirements for detergent formulations in detergent formulations. The traditional laundry bleach auxiliaries are sodium perborate, and the advantage of sodium percarbonate is that the stability of the storage and the compatibility with other detergent ingredients are good, which is unparalleled and irreplaceable for sodium perborate. From the chemical structure, their essential difference is that sodium percarbonate is the nature of the adduct, and sodium perborate is the bonding state of the product.

Sodium percarbonate can be used for food preservation and disinfection, l% sodium percarbonate solution can make fruit, vegetables stored 4-5 months without deterioration. In the West has been a large number for the food industry, China has also been in accordance with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization standards, developed a food additive sodium percarbonate industry standards in order to better guide enterprises to use sodium carbonate, in order to facilitate its consumption in the food industry The In addition, sodium percarbonate can replace calcium peroxide as aquaculture industry, oxygen production efficiency, oxygen significantly higher than the calcium peroxide, and in the storage and transportation process of fish, shrimp, crab and other biological oxygen preservation. With the continuous development of aquaculture in China, the amount of sodium percarbonate in this area will be increasing year by year. Sodium percarbonate can be used as a textile, dyeing and finishing agent, unlike chlorine bleaching is easy to fade and other shortcomings, adapted to unfrozen chlorine bleaching of synthetic fibers, animal fibers, synthetic resin fiber and fluorescent whitening agent treated fiber rinse finishing. Sodium percarbonate can be used as an oxidizing agent in the reaction of aldehyde groups to phenolic hydroxyl groups, organic borane oxidation, nitrile hydrolysis, thioether and amine oxidation, olefin epoxidation, ketone oxidation, a-dione ketone oxidation. In addition, sodium percarbonate can also be used as metal surface treatment agent, electroplating detergent, sewage treatment agent and polymer polymerization control agent.

 Sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as solid hydrogen peroxide, also known as sodium peroxydate, solid hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate is the addition of compounds, the amount of sodium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, Decomposition produces oxygen, water and sodium carbonate. Sodium percarbonate not only has the function of liquid hydrogen peroxide, which decomposes and releases oxygen at low water temperature to achieve bleaching, decontamination, sterilization and odor removal. At the same time, it can decompose the sodium carbonate and improve the pH value in water Hard water calcium, magnesium ions, so that the water softened, and with the increase in pH dirt and fiber between the more negative charge generated, thereby increasing the dirt and fiber exclusion between the increase in bleaching and washing effect.

Sodium percarbonate, as a representative of the highly effective oxygen bleach, has been widely used in washing (washing powder and color bleaching powder), printing and dyeing, textile, papermaking, medicine and hygiene, home and so on, thanks to its excellent bleaching activity and bactericidal properties. Personal care products and other areas of formula.