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To Talk To Polyacrylamide: Toxic
- Nov 25, 2016 -

Quote online excerpt information: United States food and Drug Administration believes that PAM and its disintegration is of low toxicity or no toxicity. PAM toxicity from residual acrylamide monomer and entrained toxic metals in the production process. Acrylamide is caused by nerve agents, effects on the nervous system injury and poisoning after the table body weakness, movement disorders and other symptoms. Health departments have provided Pam residual acrylamide content in industrial products, usually 0.5%---0.05%. When applied to water purification, acrylamide content in 0.2%, when used in drinking water treatment required under 0.05%. International standards of health who was born in 1985, Pam pointed out: PAM AM below 0.05% residues in control when content, content in the treated water will be lower than 0.25ug/L, in line with most of the country's drinking water standards. General rules for Western countries, drinking water treatment and food residues in the PAM AM content below 0.05%, and control the dosage of PAM.

Some of cationic-type polyacrylamide situation is much more complex, this is because of cationic-type polyacrylamide such as introduction of amino groups, often dozens of its toxicity to hundreds of times higher than that of anionic and non-ionic, their chronic toxicity was further studied.

The flocculant used in drinking water treatment, food products should be used as appropriate. In the standards implementation Handbook of water and wastewater treatment standards, clearly defined under non-regular use of polyacrylamide using >0.1mg/L, in the frequently used <0.1mg/L. Application of coagulation in the water treatment process, its use these standard values as the maximum dosage, buy food-grade quality, low residual polyacrylamide products, you can ensure the safety of drinking water. If a plant using polyacrylamide gel, the maximum dosage for 0.09mg/L, using the chemical polyacrylamide Engineering Center of Guangzhou food grade, filter water and factory water found no acrylamide monomer. It is felt that is intended to be able to control the use of quality and dosages, polyacrylamide flocculation technology is used, is safe for drinking.