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Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate

Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate

Specifications Aluminium Chloride Hexahydrate Molecular Formula: AlCl3.6H2O Water: 42.0%-48.0% Assay: 95.0-101.0% Aluminium Chloride Hexahydrate Molecular Formula: AlCl 3 ·6H 2 O Water: 42.0%-48.0% Sulphate: To pass test Alkali & Alkaline earth: 0.5% max. Heavy Metal (Pb): 0.002% max. Iron :...

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Aluminium Chloride Hexahydrate 
Molecular Formula: AlCl3.6H2O 
Water: 42.0%-48.0% 
Assay: 95.0-101.0%


Aluminium Chloride Hexahydrate

Molecular Formula: AlCl3·6H2O


                            Water:      42.0%-48.0%   

                            Sulphate:    To pass test      

                            Alkali & Alkaline earth:    0.5% max.      

                            Heavy Metal (Pb):       0.002% max.      

                            Iron :      0.001% max.      

                            Assay :      95.0-101.0%   

                            Appearance :  White/Light yellow crystalline    


Usage: Aluminium chloride is an effective antiperspirant that is applied to the skin to control severe excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). It is a effective component of Odaban, Dichlor, Anhydrol etc.


Packing:25kg PP/PE bag or Carton.

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