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High Pressure Adhesive Neutral Silicon Sealant

High Pressure Adhesive Neutral Silicon Sealant

neutral silicone sealant for curtain wall is a one-component, neutral cure, high modulus and high flexibility silicone sealant. It has good viscosity and compatibility to all kinds of coated metals. Its good thixotropy makes it not flow or sag during working, so specially good for structural joint of all kinds of curtain wall. It can be used in a wide temperature range and has good properties of anti-aging, anti-UV and anti-ultimate temperature changes(-50-150℃).

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Product Details

High Pressure Adhesive Neutral Silicon Sealant

Main Usage:

1.Bonding and installation of various doors and windows,glass skylight,vitrine etc..

2.Weather resistance sealing for all kinds of glass curtain wall,aluminum panel and metal curtain engineering.

3.Sealing for joint of marble,concrete,tiles and metal panel.

4.Many other building & industrial uses.

Construction Guide:

1.Can't be used for structural bonding assembly.

2.Don't apply to all of the surface with exudation,grease,plasticize and solvent.

3.Can't construct when the material surface temperature <4°C or >40°C.

4.Can't bonding the materials containing copper or copper alloy.

 Storage and Usable Life:
12 months,<27°C.
Quality Standard:GB/T14683-2003.

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