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Aluminum Chlorohydrate/ACH Liquid For Water Treatment

Aluminum Chlorohydrate/ACH Liquid For Water Treatment

Aluminum Chlorohydrate (short name is ACH) is Aluminium-based Coagulant , the most concentrated material of the PAC family, it offers the maximum alumina and basicity available in a stable solution form. ACH liquid is typically defined as at least 46% Al2O3 and 83% basic. As it has the highest polynuclear content and highest level of neutralization, it can deliver the benefits of PAC to the ultimate degree. ACH is a workhorse product in drinking water and industrial wastewater applications, as it can provide performance across a wide variety of water conditions. With it's high alumina content, it is the least freight sensitive of any of the PAC products.

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Product Details

Product Name: Aluminum chlorohydrate liquid

Chemical Formula:Al2(OH)5Cl•2H2O

Molecular weight:210.48g/mol

CAS No.:12042-91-0

ACH is a highly polymerized solution of polyaluminum hydroxychloride.The highly polymerized aluminum species in ACH have much higher cationic charges than the aluminum in standard salts such as alum or aluminum chloride, and even other polyaluminum products. Therefore,ACH can offer both a higher level of performance and lower overall dosages.

Use and advantages:

1) Urban drinking water treatment

ACH is used as flocculant in municipal water,drinking water,domestic water treatment. the products is produced by pure aluminum and high purity hydrochloric acid, This product conform to the requirements of USP-34 Specification,Is internationally recognized as drinking water treatment agent.

2) The urban sewage and industrial wastewater treatment

3) paper industry

4) Cosmetic Raw Materials

Packaging and handling:

1. Solid:packed 25kg/plastic enhanced paper bags or WHITE PE bags with inner plastic bag

2. Liquid:1350kg/drum

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