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Resorcinol CAS 108-46-3

Resorcinol CAS 108-46-3

Resorcinol CAS 108-46-3

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Resorcinol CAS 108-46-3


Product name:Resorcinol



EINECS No.:203-585-2

Appearance:White flake



Application: Syntheses Material Intermediates



 Resorcinol is mainly used for rubber adhesives, synthetic resins, dyes, preservatives, pharmaceuticals and analytical reagents and other main surface, resorcinol and phenol, cresol similar to formaldehyde with polycondensate, can be used for viscose Silk and nylon tire cord adhesive, the preparation of wood adhesives for the bonding of vinyl materials and metal, resorcinol is a lot of azo dyes, fur dyes intermediates, but also pharmaceutical intermediates on the nitrogen Base salicylic acid raw materials. Resorcinol has a bactericidal effect, can be used as preservatives, Tim in the cosmetics and skin diseases such as paste and ointment. The derivative of resorcinol beta-methyl umbelliferone is an intermediate of optical bleach, trinitroresorcin is a detonator detonator, and a considerable amount of resorcinol is used to produce benzophenone UV absorbers. This product can stimulate the skin and mucous membranes, can be absorbed by the skin caused by rapid poisoning.



Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. May discolour on exposure to air or light.


storage condition: 0-6°C

25kg/drum or 1kg/aluminum foil bag.


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