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Silicon Adhesive

  • High Pressure Adhesive Neutral Silicon Sealant

    High Pressure Adhesive Neutral Silicon Sealant

    neutral silicone sealant for curtain wall is a one-component, neutral cure, high modulus and high flexibility silicone sealant. It has good viscosity and compatibility to all kinds of coated metals. Its good thixotropy makes it not flow or sag during working, so specially good for structural joint of all kinds of curtain wall. It can be used in a wide temperature range and has good properties of anti-aging, anti-UV and anti-ultimate temperature changes(-50-150℃).Read More

  • DBU/C9H16N2 CAS 6674-22-2

    DBU/C9H16N2 CAS 6674-22-2

    Product Information: Product Name: DBU Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid M.F.: C9H16N2 M.W.: 152.24 CAS NO.: 26674-22-2 EINECS NO.: 229-713-7 Product Application: DBU is used for aromatics extraction, resin and dye in the reaction medium, acrylic polymerization, spinning solvent.Read More

  • Silicone Sealant-Mj-8100 For Curtain Wall Usage

    Silicone Sealant-Mj-8100 For Curtain Wall Usage

    Mj-8100 silicone stractural grazing sealantRead More

  • Propylene Oxide

    Propylene Oxide

    Propylene Oxide PO CAS 75-56-9 Product Description Chemical name: Propylene Oxide Molecular formula: C3H6O Relative molecular weight: 58.08 CAS NO.: 75-56-9 UN No.: 1280 Chemical properties: Flammable, non-corrosive, soluble and colorless liquid at room temperature Flash point:-37℃ Boiling...Read More