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Sodium Percarbonate Coated

Sodium Percarbonate Coated

Sodium percarbonate coated is one of high active oxygen detergent chemicals, also called solid hydreogen peroxide

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 Sodium percarbonate Coated

CAS NO:15630-89-4 

Applications :

1. As additives in synthetic detergent and cleaning agent for daily use.

2. As bleaching, dyeing and finishing, dry bleaching agents in textile industry.

3. As bleaching agent in papermaking industry.

4. As oxygen-generating in medical treatment and health care; broad-spectrum, efficient, environmental bactericide and disinfector; also as water improving and oxygen-generating in aquiculture.

5. As sterilizing agent for tableware, metal surface treatment agent, bactericide, scale and bad smell remover.

6. Used in the food additives, it is the result of freshness and sterilization; also it can prolong the validity of storage.