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Aluminium Sulphate Non-ferric 17% For Water Treatment

Aluminium Sulphate Non-ferric 17% For Water Treatment

Aluminium Sulfate is white lustrous crystalline, granular or powder. Stable in the air, soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, acidic solution. Aluminum sulfate is usually used as flocculant, used for purification of drinking water and sewage treatment equipment, but also for the paper industry.

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Aluminum Sulphate

Molecular Formula:Al2(SO4)3 
Purity:Al2O3 15.8% 16% 17% 
CAS NO.10043-01-3

Aluminum sulfate Al2(SO43l8H2O is one kind inorganic basic variety, mainly used for paper and net of marine pollution. In paper-making industry, as paper sizing agent with rosin and paper wastewater treatment. In terms of water, water for urban and industrial wastewater treatment. In addition, also widely used in leather tanning, mordant, oil clarifying and decoloring agent, anti-inflammatory extinguishing materials, as well as for the manufacture of other aluminum salts such as ammonium alum, potassium alum, aluminum stearate and so on.

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