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90% tcca

Weifang JS tcca 90% is a stable, affordable, and easy-to-handle chlorine that can be used to disinfect swimming pool water. It takes a while for it to dissolve in water, allowing for continuous, precise chlorine dosages.

It can be applied to swimming pools, ponds, and fountains to reduce algae growth and manage biofouling. Additionally, it has superb bactericidal abilities.

Description of the Product

A versatile chemical used in the pool industry is Weifang JS TCCA. It can be used to disinfect water, control algae, and purify water. Its primary purpose is to supply a high concentration of chlorine, an excellent disinfectant that inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae, and other harmful organisms. It is available in tablet, granular, and powder form. Use around children and pets is safe.

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