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Activated alumina balls

Air drying is made easier by activated Weifang JS alumina balls. They can also be used in a wide variety of other applications.

Using activated alumina to clean water is a safe and effective way to get rid of fluoride, arsenic, and other contaminants.

Activated alumina has a porous surface that can have a total area of 330 m2/g. It can achieve dew points ranging from -40°F to -100°F, depending on the dryer's design and operating conditions.

How long can activated balls of alumina be used?

Weifang JS activated alumina balls can be used for a long time. The quality of the activated alumina used and how it is treated will determine the service life.

Activated alumina (Al2O3) is basically a form of aluminum oxide (Al2O3), which is created by a process known as the Bayer process. This chemical reaction transforms bauxite ore into alumina.

When alumina cools, it forms tiny porous spheres that are joined together in a way that creates "tunnels." This allows it to have a high surface-area-to-weight ratio.

This makes it ideal for adsorption and filtering applications because it can bind with water molecules, allowing it to absorb them without changing their form. It also has a very high crush strength and can withstand high pressures in industrial applications.

As an adsorbent, activated alumina is often used in water treatment to remove fluoride and other contaminants. It also works well to get chemicals like arsenic or lead out of streams of rainwater. 

Why choose Weifang JS Activated alumina balls?

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