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Activated alumina desiccant

Weifang JS activated alumina balls desiccant is one of the most common types of desiccant used in compressed air dryers. It offers excellent moisture-loading capacity, high crush strength, and low attrition loss.

Activated alumina is a porous form of aluminum oxide with a large surface area. It will never shrink, swell, soften, or disintegrate when immersed in water.

It Adsorbs Water

Weifang JS Activated alumina is a porous solid material that has a very high surface area. It is also a highly effective desiccant, which absorbs water and other substances by way of adsorption.

Activated alumina is a type of desiccant that can take in water molecules without changing their shape. This allows alumina to adsorb water and not cause it to evaporate. This is crucial in industrial processes.

It is widely used to filter fluoride and other minerals from drinking water in the United States. It can also be regenerated, which means that it can be reused over and over again.

The activated alumina absorbs moisture molecules through its tunnel-like pores. This allows for more molecules to be absorbed in a shorter amount of time. This reduces the amount required for each job. This saves money and time. In addition, it is resistant to thermal shock and abrasion.

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