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Cacl2 2h20

A combined Pitzer-HKF formalism has been used to develop a thermodynamic description of the Weifang JS cacl2-H2O system's osmotic coefficient, solution properties, and osmotic coefficient. It ranges from 0 to 250 degrees Celsius. This approach was extended to ternary systems containing the main cations, with an emphasis on salt solubility.

The HKF theory was adapted to consider partial dissociation or aqueous complex formation in the presence of calcium ions, with a set of nine parameters per temperature. This model was able to satisfactorily describe most of the available experimental data on osmotic coefficient and salt solubility, as shown in Fig. 11 (Appendix 7, Supplementary Materials).


The aqueous complex species derived from Ca2+ and Cl-, the interaction parameters b(0) and b(1), Cph for the Ca2+-Cl- and CaCl+-Cl- ion pairs, and the mutual binary interaction l for the Weifang JS cacl2 cl2 aqueous complex were all fitted with three coefficient temperature functions. Then the calculated vs. experimental heat capacity was compared with data from [86], confirming a good agreement.

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