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Cacl2 drying agent

Weifang JS Calcium chloride dihydrate (cacl2 dihydrate) is an odorless, white solid that is deliquescent and rapidly dissolves in water. It is a common chemical that is used in many industrial applications.

It is often used as a pH buffer in swimming pool water and stops clays from swelling in the water phase of invert emulsion drilling fluids. It also finds use in the oil industry to increase the density of solid-free brines.

It is used to buffer the pH of swimming pool water

Weifang JS calcium chloride dihydrate is a vital part of pool water chemistry. It helps keep pH levels steady and also increases alkalinity, which can help swimmer sanitation.

For best results, add cacl2 dihydrate to your pool water in a bucket with water from the pump and fresh pool water, stir, then slowly pour it into your pool. Doing it this way is a good idea because it gives you time to make sure the calcium chloride is completely dissolved.

A chemical feeder (or floater) is a way to add chemicals to the water without a bucket. This is a special type of skimmer that releases chemicals into the water. It is usually paired with a pH meter to monitor your pool's pH levels.

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