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Cacl2 in water

Weifang JS cacl2, an alkaline-earth crystal salt, is calcium chloride. It has many commercial uses. It has an aqueous solubility of 30–45 weight percent, is highly hygroscopic, and liberates large amounts of heat during water absorption and dissolution.

CaCl2 is a useful ice-melting material due to its hygroscopic and deliquescent properties. It lowers the freezing point to allow more ice and snow to melt on contact. CaCl2 also attracts moisture from the atmosphere, making it a dust suppressant for gravel roads, construction, and maintenance.


Weifang JS Green CaCl2 (cacl2 2h2o) is one of the most widely applied chemical sorbents for air desiccation, sorption refrigeration, and gas purification. This sorbent has a high water adsorption capability, excellent chemical stability, and excellent cycle performance. It is also low in cost and does not cause any environmental pollution. However, the water content in the adsorbent limits its sorption ability. Methods have been developed to increase the sorption rate.

Several techniques have been used to increase the sorption rate of CaCl2-based composites. They can include the adjustment of the critical relative humidity (g), an increase in the specific surface area, and the addition of NaCl powder. In this study, a CaCl2/CNTs composite with a large specific surface area was prepared by coating CaCl2 powder on the surface of carbon nanotubes. It reached sorption equilibrium in 4 hours and had a 75% higher sorption rate than pure CaCl2 powder. In addition, adding NaCl powder to a saturated CaCl2 solution could significantly decrease the g of the solution and improve its sorption rate.

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