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Calcium chloride flakes for dust control

Weifang JS calcium chloride flakes are a great choice for dust control products for asphalt paving and dirt road maintenance. They're a cost-effective, long-lasting solution for keeping airborne dust at bay.

When used right, calcium chloride can stop and get rid of dust on unpaved roads, construction sites, and quarries. It helps to keep the road's surface damp and resists evaporation, making one application last for a long time.


Weifang JS calcium chloride flakes for dust control can be a very cheap way to get rid of dust and stabilize the base of unpaved roads. This hygroscopic material attracts moisture and forms a solution that keeps roads damp and dust-free even in hot, dry weather. This moisture binds fine aggregate particles together, preventing dust from being released into the air.

This helps reduce paved road maintenance costs and construction costs. It also helps to keep coarse aggregate in place to improve stability and extend the life of the pavement. Additionally, since calcium chloride lowers the point at which moisture freezes, it can help reduce frost damage to unpaved roads.

OxyChem offers a wide range of commercial calcium chloride products in both liquid and dry forms. Because it can be used on a wider range of roads, liquid calcium chloride is more economical than magnesium chloride.

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