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Calcium chloride in concrete

Weifang JS calcium chloride powder is a chemical additive that is used to speed up the time it takes for concrete to set and start to get strong. It is a popular admixture with contractors and ready-mixed truck drivers because it is a low-cost product.

Although calcium chloride accelerates the setting time and early strength development of concrete, it can cause corrosion in reinforced concrete. In fact, it can even weaken reinforcing steel.

Reduces Setting Time

Weifang JS calcium chloride for sale is often used as an accelerator to accelerate the hydration of concrete. It has many advantages, including the ability to reduce setting time and increase strength.

Concrete takes longer to set during cold weather. This is why it can be beneficial to use chemical accelerators during winter concreting.

In addition, concrete that is accelerated with calcium chloride is also more resistant to damage caused by freezing and thawing. This is especially important in winter concreting, where deicing salts are often applied early.

Calcium chloride can be purchased in granules or pellets. It can be added free of lumps to the aggregates in the mixer drum during mixing or directly to the mixed concrete just before discharge. The concentration should be no more than 2% (Table 1).

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