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Calcium chloride price per kg

Weifang JS calcium chloride drying agent that dissolves and soaks up water. It is used to melt snow and ice, keep the soil stable, control dust on roads and in deserts, make plastic, help treat wastewater, and speed up the process of drilling for oil and gas.

It is sold in liquid and granular forms. The granular form is more concentrated.

Price per kg

Weifang JS calcium chloride is a highly volatile chemical compound that is soluble in water. It is used to raise the hardness of water and for ice melting and dust control. It can also be used in cement as a chemical additive.

It can be made directly from limestone or as a byproduct of the Solvay process to make sodium carbonate. It is highly hygroscopic and must be stored in tightly sealed containers.

Nedmag offers a variety of high-quality calcium chloride products that are suitable for technical, feed, and food applications. These include liquid calcium chloride and concentrated prills.

CC food (r).

Our high-purity calcium chloride is designed specifically for use in the food and beverage industries, ensuring that it meets strict regulatory and hazard analysis requirements. It is available as either solid white flakes or clear liquid and mixes readily with most foods. It is especially useful in the production and preservation of cheeses, beers, and pickled fruits and vegetables, as well as for drinking water. It is also useful for nanofiltration, conventional flocculation processes, and desalination.

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