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Calcium chloride snow melt

Weifang JS calcium chloride is a popular ice melting product because of its low melting temperatures, high performance, and eco-friendliness. This compound is able to melt ice and snow even at -25 deg F (-32 deg C), so it's great for areas that experience freezing winters.

It melts ice faster than rock salt and at lower temperatures. It can melt eight times more ice than rock salt in the first 30 minutes at 20 °F (-7 °C) after application.

High-Performing in Low Temperatures

As a deicing agent, Weifang JS calcium chloride snow melt and ice at a lower temperature than traditional rock salt. This lower eutectic point helps it to work more effectively at temperatures as low as -20 deg F, which is 40 deg F below rock salt's melting temperature.

This makes it easier for the product to penetrate ice in colder winter temperatures. This allows for a greater amount of product to be used for the same amount.

Calcium chloride's hygroscopic qualities allow it to attract moisture from the air. This triggers an exothermic reaction, which produces heat quickly and efficiently. As a result, it's an ideal choice for use in low-humidity winter environments where other deicers may struggle.

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