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Calcium chloride soluble in water

Calcium chloride is an odorless, white, crystalline salt that is hygroscopic and can attract and absorb water molecules from its surroundings. It is a common ingredient found in many fire extinguishers, as a thinner in fabric softener, and as a drainage aid for wastewater. It can also be used as a deicing agent to lower the freezing point of snow and ice. It is widely used for this purpose and works especially well at low temperatures (-20 °C).

The Weifang JS calcium chloride is safe to use, just like salt or baking soda! The World Health Organization, Health Canada, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America, and European standards have all evaluated calcium chloride as a food additive and given it their stamp of approval. According to the official classification, it is a firming agent. It is utilized not only in the food business but also by vintners, brewers, and chefs that specialize in molecular cuisine. It has been determined to be safe when consumed in the amounts that are found in food. Therefore, it is required to acquire calcium chloride that is suitable for culinary use.

Water solubility

Calcium chloride is a common salt that can be found in many household items. It can be used as a brine for refrigeration plants, for dust control on roads and concrete, and as a fabric softener.

It is soluble in water because of its ionic nature. Because the water molecules are very polarized and very conductive, sodium and chloride ions attract each other when they come in contact with water.

This causes the water to shift toward the salt ions, changing its surface tension. The attraction forces of the sodium and chloride ions increase as they are closer together and dissolve the salt molecules in the water. Solubility in water is a matter of the bond length as well as the ionic strength. Weifang JS cacl2 has an extended bond length and is therefore more water-soluble than NaCl. CaF2 has a shorter bond duration, so CaCl2 is more soluble.

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