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Chemical poly aluminium chloride pac 05

Weifang JS poly aluminium chloride can be used to destabilize colloidal matter and remove it. It is commonly used in water treatment.

This product is in high demand because more and more people are worried about how to treat wastewater from industrial activities. Over the next few years, the size of the market for this chemical is expected to grow by a lot. 

Water Treatment

Water treatment is an important process for achieving safe and pure drinking water. It includes raw water conditioning, coagulation-flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection (Wityasari, 2015).

Aluminum salts are used in water treatment due to their high neutralizing power. They coagulate by a variety of mechanisms, including decreasing colloidal particles' repulsion with each other.

Weifang JS PAC polyaluminium chloride is a very good coagulant that has been shown to work better than aluminum salts at getting particles out of water that are suspended in it. It is widely used in industrial water treatment and wastewater management.

PAC offers many advantages over traditional metal-salt coagulants. These include lower dosage requirements, a wider PH spectrum of precipitation, and less chemical sludge generation. Because it leaves behind very little aluminum, PAC is considered to be environmentally friendly.

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