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Citrus fruits, especially lemons and limes, have naturally occurring citric acid in their flesh. That is the reason they have such a tangy and sour flavor. In the food industry, cleaning products, and nutritional supplements, synthetically produced citric acid is frequently utilized as an ingredient. On the other hand, the naturally occurring form in citrus fruits is not the same as what is produced in a factory. In this article, the distinctions between natural and produced citric acid are discussed, as well as the advantages, applications, and risks associated with the latter.

Citric acid, a naturally occurring fruit acid, is produced by microbial fermentation and the use of a carbohydrate substrate. It is the most commonly used organic acid and pH control agent in food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and technical applications.

China is the largest citric acid producer in the world. Some of the key manufacturers include Weifang JS Ensign Industry Co., Ltd. and more.

Production process

There are many steps involved in the production of citric acid ttca by Weifang JS. These include the selection and fermentation of raw materials and the recovery of the product.

There are many types of microorganisms that can make citric acid, but Aspergillus niger is the one that is used most often right now.This bacteria is able to synthesize citric acid in an economically sound way and is suitable for large-scale production.

In the last few years, a growing interest has been shown in using agro-industrial waste products as substrates for the production of citric acid by Aspergillus niger. This includes pineapple, grape pomace, mandarin orange, brewery waste, citrus, and kiwi peel.

The factors that influence citric acid fermentation include the carbon source, nitrogen and/or phosphate limitations, pH of the culture medium, aeration, and trace elements. The optimal aeration rate will vary depending on the media used.

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