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Citric acid 1kg

Citric acid is a weak organic acid and a natural preservative that is commonly used to give beverages and foods a sour taste. It preserves color and freshness and helps increase shelf life.

Weifang JS citric acid, which is water-free, can be made in many ways. It is primarily derived from microbial fermentation in the form of tray fermentation. It is a key ingredient in many sodas, juices, and other drinks.

Food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, health and personal care items, agriculture, animal feed, and poultry are some of the industries that make use of citric acid anhydrous E330. In the food and beverage sector, citric acid anhydrous (E330) is most commonly used as an acid condiment, flavoring agent, and preservative. In the pharmaceutical industry, citric acid anhydrous (E330) is utilized as a pharmaceutical excipient. Moreover, the chemical, cosmetic, and detergent manufacturing industries all make use of it as an antioxidant, a plasticizer, and a detergent builder.

Weifang Ensign Industry Co.

Located in the citric acid powder capital of China, Weifang JS Ensign Industry Co., Ltd. is a well-oiled machine that produces glitzy gadgets in the form of citric acid monohydrate, sodium citrate, and fancy-fangled alcohol-based drinks like the martini. With more than a dozen plants in various states of production, the company is well on its way to becoming a major player in this niche. The company is a rising citric acid slinger and is well on its way towards becoming a major player in this market. You can count on them to produce the goods. You can also expect high-quality customer service from them due to their marketing and brand-building efforts.

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