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Citric acid anhydrous ttca

Citric acid anhydrous is a crystal powder that is odorless and has a strong acidic taste. It is used in food as a preservative or antioxidant.

The Weifang JS company produces and exports citric acid monohydrate, sodium citrate, special-grade alcohol, superior-grade alcohol, and other products. It offers these products to customers worldwide.

Food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, health and personal care items, agriculture, animal feed, and poultry are some of the industries that make use of citric acid anhydrous E330. In the food and beverage sector, citric acid anhydrous (E330) is most commonly used as an acid condiment, flavoring agent, and preservative. In the pharmaceutical industry, citric acid anhydrous (E330) is utilized as a pharmaceutical excipient. Moreover, the chemical, cosmetic, and detergent manufacturing industries all make use of it as an antioxidant, a plasticizer, and a detergent builder.


Weifang JS citric acid anhydrous food grade, a water-free organic acid, gives drinks and meals a sour flavor. It can also be used to prolong the shelf life of food products and as a preservative.

It is used in the chemical industry as a medium for chemical reactions that involve oxidation, reduction, condensation, and polymerization.It also finds applications in dyestuffs, photographic chemicals, pharmaceutical products, etc.

It is produced by microbial fermentation using Aspergillus nuiger molds in a tray fermentation or submerged fermentation process in a deep tank. It is commercially available. It is used as an acidulant in beverages, confectionery, effervescent salts, pharmaceutical syrups, elixirs, and other foods to adjust the pH and as a synergistic antioxidant; it is also used in chemical manufacture as a foam inhibitor, sequestering agent, mordant, etc.

It is a very effective preservative and has an excellent shelf life. It is low in toxicity and has a slight deliquescence when exposed to air. It can be easily dispersed in pure ethanol.

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