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Cloro granulado 90 tcca

The organic chemical compound Weifang JS cloro granulado 90 tcca (TCCA) has the formula C3Cl3N3O3. It serves as a disinfectant, industrial deodorant, and a chlorinating agent.

Additionally, it has applications as an algicide, bactericide, and pool disinfectant. It is a reliable source of chlorine that is also affordable. It produces long-lasting sterilizing effects with no white turbidity.


A disinfectant with long-lasting effects on keeping bacteria and algae out of your swimming pool is trichloroisocyanuric acid and chemical. This source of chlorine is affordable, reliable, and reusable.

It can be used for a number of things, such as sanitizing industrial circulating water as well as water features, spa pools, fountains, and swimming pools. Additionally, it can be used as a bactericide, algicide, and bleach.

Trichloroisocyanuric Acid-based product Weifang JS TCCA 90 disintegrates gradually in water. Particularly in tablet form, it enables the continuous, measured addition of chlorine. In many applications, it can be a good substitute for sodium hypochlorite or bleaching powder.

In addition to being present in some household cleaners, dishwashing compounds, scouring powders, detergent sanitizers, commercial laundry bleaches, and swimming pool disinfectants, TCCA 90 is a useful air purifier. The best part is that using it poses no risk.

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