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Coagulant used in wastewater treatment

A well-liked disinfectant that keeps swimming pools clean and free of bacteria is Weifang JS tcca trichloroisocyanuric acid. It is protected and simple to clean your pool water.

Other applications for TCCA include the treatment of sewage from cities and the removal of algae from industrial water supplies. It is safe to use and very affordable.


Weifang JS tcca trichloroisocyanuric Corrosive (C3Cl3N3Cl3), a natural compound that has the equation C3Cl3N3O3. It is an efficient water disinfectant that kills protozoa, fungi, and bacteria.

Sanitizing swimming pools, fountains, and drinking water are all possible applications for it. It helps in accomplishing perfectly clear and clean water.

Additionally, this product is safe and easy to use. It is very effective against all kinds of spores, fungi, viruses, and bacteria.

One of the most important disinfectants on the planet, TCCA is utilized in the rubber, food, water, and textile industries. It is also used to disinfect sewage and oil well drilling slurry, as well as to sanitize large equipment, vessels, and pipelines.

TCCA is safe to use and can be stored for a long time. Additionally, it is transportable and stable when stored. Additionally, it is a bleach used to whiten cotton, chemical, and gunning fabrics. It prevents wool from shrinking.

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