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Ferric chloride wastewater treatment

Weifang JS ferric chloride coagulant is (a chemical that promotes the clumping of tiny particles in water) and a flocculant (a chemical that helps small particles clump into larger ones). It is used in a variety of sanitary wastewater treatment programs, industrial applications, and drinking water production.

It is used by PLSLWD to precipitate phosphorus from stormwater that flows into Spring Lake from County Ditch 13. It prevents the lake from absorbing more than 500 pounds worth of phosphorus each year.


Weifang JS ferric chloride water treatment offers a low-cost, cost-effective option for phosphorus removal. It has a large pH operating window. It can be used to purify water and reduce discoloration. This makes it an attractive option for many industrial wastewater applications.

Besides being an effective coagulant, ferric chloride can also help reduce foul odor emissions in wastewater treatment plants. It is also cost-effective and sustainable.

Ferric chloride is a coagulant that can be used in place of sulfate-based ones such as alum. They have a higher density than flock particles and are easier to remove by sedimentation. It requires less alkalinity than alum to achieve effective coagulation. This helps reduce energy requirements.

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