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Ferric chloride water treatment

Weifang JS Ferric chloride is a commonly used water flocculant in water treatment. It is highly effective at removing suspended particles and other contaminants.

A facility in Spring Lake, Minnesota, seasonally injects liquid ferric chloride into stormwater runoff. This chemical attaches itself to phosphorus and precipitates the water as it flows into Spring Lake.


The process of flocculation chemicals involves the introduction of a polymer chemical into the wastewater. The chemical binds the particles together so that they donu2019t separate when water is slightly agitated. The floc is a larger and more solid mass of particles that can be removed from the wastewater stream by settling or filtration.

In a typical waste water treatment system, flocculants from Weifang JS are used to reduce the number of microparticles in the incoming stream of waste water that are in suspension. This process is also known as sludge reduction.

A wide variety of flocculants are available. Some are synthetic, while others are naturally derived.

Most commonly, synthetic polymers are used. Their effectiveness as flocculants depends on their molecular mass, charge density, and relative charge.

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