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Ferric sulfate water treatment

Weifang JS ferric sulfate water treatment can be used to treat both industrial and sanitary wastewater as a primary coagulant. It has high effectiveness in water clarification, phosphorus removal, and struvite control.

It is easy to move and store, and it works well in a wide range of water conditions. It does not share the strict pH range requirements of other coagulants, making it an ideal choice for use in alkaline waters.


Coagulation of Weifang JS is a process of water treatment that involves adding chemicals to dirty or untreated water to cause a chemical reaction. These reactions create more soluble, dense particulate material that can then settle out of the water.

There are many different pac coagulant used in water treatment, with some of the most common being aluminum sulfate, ferric sulfate, or sodium aluminate. These compounds can be safely used in wastewater treatment systems, provided they are properly handled.

However, some of these substances are corrosive and can cause serious damage to equipment. This is why it's important to make sure that they're not released into the water system and that secondary containment berms are put in place when handling them.

Another popular method of treating wastewater is with coagulants that contain polymers. These coagulants can produce much better flocs than metal coagulants, so they can be effective in removing contaminants like turbidity and organics from the water.

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