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Flocculation chemicals

Flocculation chemicals  from Weifang JS are chemicals that promote the formation of flocs by encouraging the agglomeration of fine particles in a solution. Then, these particles might rise to the top (flotation), sink to the bottom (sedimentation), and be easy to get rid of through filtration.

All water has particles floating in it, but the smallest ones are held in place by physical forces that push against each other. Coagulation gets rid of these charges, and flocculation makes the particles bigger by letting them stick together. This makes them easier to separate from the liquid.

Activated sludge

Activated sludge is a process for treating sewage. It uses microorganisms to degrade organic substances in wastewater. These organic compounds are degraded by bacteria, which remove nitrogen, phosphorus, and other nutrients from the wastewater.

The bacteria form small clusters, or flocs, during aeration and mixing. They use the organic compounds in the wastewater as food.

In addition, the bacteria produce extracellular polymeric substances (EPS). These EPS are responsible both for flocculation and sludge settlement.

Several chemical from Weifang JS such as chloride chemical additives have been used to enhance activated sludge settling. These include inorganic coagulants or precipitants such as lime or ferric chloride, and clay additions. These can produce a dense precipitate that helps to reduce sludge and improve settling.

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